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They will want a satisfied customer who will refer them additional business . The company may not have a quick answer for about 5% of the problems out there. Be patient and work with your cable box company until you find the right Converter box for your area. Sometimes technology changes for your descrambler for sale area and the source may need to do some additional research to get the desired image. do this before the warranty / guarantee has run out. even then there may be a solution. 12. how can you improve the quality of your cable converter reception? amplification may be needed to correct the problem . whenever a cable signal is split between two or more tv’s or routed to some other video components such as vcr’s , the signal weakens and produces a poor quality picture.

are cable converters legal? yes! cable converters are legal. if your cable tv company can possess & rent the box to you then you can own the cable box yourself. an example in time would be when company rented telephones to consumers. the federal government directed that it was legal for consumers to own their own phone. now you wouldn’t consider buying only from company. the cable tv industry is in its early stages is relative to this development. it is legal for you to purchase and it is legal for you to own. when you buy a cable box it is your responsibility for to inform the cable tv company that you are accessing their signal. it is illegal to receive their transmission sale without paying for it.

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